Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Marathon Monday

Hello Loves!

    Sorry I have not been on with new posts yet this week.  It has been a difficult week.  Monday I was at the Boston Marathon enjoying the day with my friends.

Jeff & I at the finish line photo op,  First Place Female Runner, photo cred: my friend Ryan West,  Jeff and friend Ryan on Boylston Street
     We were walking all over Copley Square Monday.  We hung out at the finish line for a little while, taking pics and admiring the determination of the runners.  It is always so amazing to see the excitement in the runners faces as they finish the 26.2 mile run.  I love standing in the crowd cheering them on.  It is a day where you feel overjoyed for a stranger who just accomplished an amazing goal.  It is a neat day and one of my favorites in this beautiful city.
      After admiring the runners for a while we decided to go get some food at a local hangout a couple blocks down from the finish line.  At the restaurant we met up with more friends of ours.  At the restaurant is when the horrific incident happened.  Sitting at the restaurant is when people started flooding in screaming terrified!  At first we did not know what was going on.  The people who ran in from outside were to panicked to explain what they had just seen.  We ran to the front windows of the restaurant and smoke and ash were falling and hundreds of people were fleeing.  A friend ran outside and came in saying there were two explosions.  Knowing this I finally understood what people were screaming, bombs! bombs!   Chaos of course started in the restaurant.  No one knew if we would be safer inside the building or to run out the back exit.  Finally police officers came inside and told everyone to get going! To run and get out of the area!  This is when my friends and I went out the back door and hurried through alleys to get back to my apartment which was 2 blocks away.

Friends at our apartment watching the news to finally see what had happened.
    Once at home we turned on the TV.  This is when we saw what had happened and just how close we all were to the explosions.  Tears and hugs filled the room.  Thankfully my friends, Jeff and myself were all safe.

    This leads me to why it has been difficult to get a post up.  I live in the back bay of Boston.  This is where the horrific event occurred.  Military and armed forces have been blocking streets that I normally walk to go to the grocery store.  Being a little shaken up I haven't wanted to leave my apartment in all honesty.  The Whole Foods opened and today I had a chance to make it over  there.  To get there I do have to walk past the street it took place and see the police officers and military watching over every person.  They are still trying to piece together who did this.  Jeff's, the hubs, bags have been searched every time he takes the T (subway) to work.  At night it has been eerily quiet, not normal of a city.  And the only noise has been those of helicopters, ambulance and police cars.  It has been difficult to sleep to say the least.  Our home Boston is trying to clean up this mess and rebuild.  My heart goes out to those directly affected!  And I pray for a speedy recovery for those hundreds injured.

News reporters interviewing and doing live coverage of the area.  This is Commonwealth Avenue and Exeter.  The incident happened a couple blocks from this on Boylston and Exeter.  Boylston street is still closed down. 
Television crews, cars and satellites.  Where you see all of these cars and vans parked is normally a grassy park that we all walk our dogs.  You cannot tell but there are rows and rows of cars parked on the grass in the park for blocks!
Signs people have posted on Boylston Street

Military barricading the street.

More military blocking roads.

     I will be cooking tonight so hopefully my blog can resume normalcy.  I love cooking and love inspiring all of you who read my posts.  Thanks for reading and letting me get this horrific day off my chest and out of my thoughts.  Spread love, peace and health!



  1. This was very beautiful ryan!! I love you and can't wait to see what you make.

    love the sister!!!!

  2. I agree with your sister very moving post! I'm a very proud Mama! I think we need something very rich & gooey :)

    Love You, MOM